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About us


My Little Gent’s founder, Channelle Halsey, has been designing, and sewing for over 15 years. After becoming pregnant, she was excited to involve her new child in her passion for fashion and could not wait to dress her child. Once Channelle learned  that she would be having a little boy, she began shopping and quickly discovered there are plenty of boutiques that cater solely to little girls. She found herself drawn to these boutiques because they had everything from cute clothes to cute packaging and could easily see why most pregnant women were hoping for girls.

Channelle thought, why is it that the mothers of little boys do not get this same experience? Fashionable clothes for little boys do exist, but they are often more difficult to find and you must often shop at several different stores to get one completed outfit, particularly when looking for a stand out outfit for a special occasion. In most stores, the mothers of little girls have 101 cute dresses to choose from, while the mothers of little boys only  have  1 or 2 basic suits and bow ties to choose from. It was then she noticed a huge void in the clothing market for little boys clothes, particularly in the infant and toddler sizes.  She wanted more options for her son and a go to place to get outfits for special occasions.  So she started making the clothes she wished existed for little boys and My Little Gent was born.



My Little Gent was launched in 2016 by Channelle Halsey. We specialize in luxury handcrafted bow ties, button down shirts, and blazers that stand out. Our mission is to prove that boys clothes don't have to be "boring" by creating an exciting shopping experience coupled with amazing clothes that stand out.  Whether your little one has a special occasion coming up or you’re just looking for some unique and trendy pieces to add to their wardrobe, My Little Gent has you covered. We've got special clothes for your special boy because we know boys are special too!